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Seth Godin’s video  on ” The Lizard Brain” and the mind and emotions of the startup journey.

I suggest Seth’s book “LinchPin” for more insight into this mindset that can hamstring the efforts of startup founders.

Lizard mind is useful when chased by an animal that could eat you.

In that scenario, time to think is not useful for survival.

You just run away and escape to safety without verifying that the rustling in the bushes is a lion and not the wind.

Recognizing the false alarms and panic frame of lizard mind is one skill that enhances the quality of feedback loops that founders use as part of the lean startup mindset.

Startups must make decisions without the time to get as much detailed data as they would like to include. Speed and agility require educated guesses and testing hunches.

Beware of how the Lizard Mind effect can reduce the quantity and quality of  options that are considered for product and market pivots.

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